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Oilfield Services

Do you need quality pipeline construction or fast repairs? Is your oilfield company in need of professional roustabout services like excavation, welding, sandblasting, and general oilfield construction? Meador Construction can handle all of your projects.

Roustabout services are provided by workers known as roustabouts. These workers have mechanical skills and a willingness to work in dirty environments. They have a variety of responsibilities depending on the job. At John E. Meador Construction, we employ roustabouts who offer a wide range of 24-hour oilfield services in San Angelo, TX.

If you need your property excavated for construction or demolition, we offer backhoe services. We have the knowledge and experience needed to help you with demolition services for your commercial and residential needs. Whether you need trenches dug for pipes or need to knock down structures, we can help.

Our employees can also assist you with welding services. We specialize in mobile welding of pressure piping, pile/foundation, and structural. Each of our welders are certifies under all major codes and they practice safe and efficient work habits to complete the job on time and within your budget. If you are in need of welding or other oilfield services, give us a call today!
We offer pipeline construction to help your oil or gas operation flow.
We offer steel pipeline and Polyethylene flowlines for your oil and gas operation. You can choose between our prefabrication and our mobile pipeline fabrication services. With mobile welding, our certified welding contractors can deliver on-site repairs to your existing pipelines to keep your operation productive.

Meador Construction takes pride in our record for preventing and avoiding accidents. We specially train our employees for hazardous oilfield conditions and heavy equipment. We strictly follow all codes and regulations.

Our complete line of oilfield services includes the following:

  • Backhoe & Dozer Service
  • Excavation & Cleanup
  • Pumping Service
  • Welding Service
  • Polyethylene or Steel Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • General Oilfield Construction
  • Sandblasting & Painting
  • Rock Saw
  • Ditcher Service
  • Road Repair & Maintenance
  • Complete Compressor Hook-ups
  • Maintainer
  • Grubbing R-O-W

Call Meador Construction today to schedule a consultation or to receive an estimate on any of our oilfield services. We’re committed to 100% client satisfaction. We’ll deliver top-flight oilfield service when you need it most!